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Why Choosing the Right Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Attorney Is Important

If you are in need of a Fort Lauderdale personal injury attorney, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. There are so many firms in the Fort Lauderdale area that you might choose. However, be careful. Some law firms might not have as much experience in personal injury litigation as Ellsley Sobol. Experience is only part of the equation. Other areas to consider include how a client is treated by the attorneys, the areas of practice for the firm, and the resources available to help the attorney�s clients. (more)

What to Look for in a Personal Injury Lawyer Fort Lauderdale

When looking for a personal injury lawyer, Fort Lauderdale has many firms to choose from; however, there are few things that you should really consider before retaining one. Factors that should influence your decision include experience, practice areas, resources and client services. At Ellsley Sobol, you will quickly find that this firm comes out on top in all of these considerations. (more)

Ellsley Sobol Law Firm

Category:Medical Malpractice
$38.5M verdict in Fort Lauderdale medical malpractice lawsuit
A four-weekmedical malpractice jury trial has ended with a $38.5 million dollar verdict for a Lauderdale Lakes man and his children. The defendants, two physicians were named in the lawsuit in February 2009.
The lawsuit stemmed from a procedure done in December 2008 at Pompano Beach’s Atlantic Surgical Center, which left the plaintiff in a vegetative state. The surgical procedure, which is considered controversial, is known as "manipulation under anesthesia." According to the plaintiff's attorneys, the man was deprived of oxygen for more than five minutes during the procedure. Because of the lack of oxygen, cardiac arrest occurred and the plaintiff suffered severe, permanent brain damage. (more)

Ellsley Sobol Law Firm

Category:Insurance Disputes
Universal Insurance reprimanded, fined by Florida regulators
On May 23, Florida regulators slapped Fort Lauderdale-based Universal Property and Casualty Insurance Co., with a $1.26 million fine for a list of legal violations as well as an order to stop those activities termed "anti-consumer."The fines and reprimand come after a two-year investigation by the Florida Office of Insurance Regulation. Universal has 30 days to pay the fine;however, an appeal is possible.
The violations included canceling policies without providing adequate notice, wrongly denying claims and declaring losses at the parent company but large profits for the affiliate companies. (more)

Ellsley Sobol Law Firm

Category:Boating Accidents and Cruise Ship Injuries/Wrongful Death
Lawsuit filed by family of woman who died while parasailing
A lawsuit has been filed by the family of a 28-year-old woman who died last August in a parasailing accident in Pompano Beach, Florida. The defendants named in the lawsuit include the Sands Harbor Resort and Custom Chutes, Inc., as well as others. The captain and crew of the boat who took the woman and her husband on the parasailing charter were also named as defendants.The lawsuit asks for an "excess of $15,000" in punitive and compensatory damages.
The woman and her husband, who lived in Connecticut, were on vacation. The woman’s harness broke while she was 200 feet above the water. Her husband, who was up in the air with her when her harness broke, watched helplessly as she fell. The captain and crew have received a lot of criticism because they pulled the husband back down before they went to help the woman. One expert, though, said the captain did the right thing. (more)

Ellsley Sobol Law Firm

Category:Automobile Accidents
Texting banned while driving in Florida
It has taken five years, but Florida has finally banned texting while driving. A new statute (316.305) is in place that defines how cell phones and other wireless devices can be used by drivers. The law was signed on May 28by Governor Rick Scott, although many people feel the bill is vague when it comes to defining driving, and it has too many loopholes.
The bill does prohibit drivers from texting, emailing or sending instant messages while they are driving; however, a stationary motor vehicle does not qualify as being "operated." Therefore, a driver can legally text while stopped at a stop light. Exceptions to the ban include using a navigation system or receiving emergency information. (more)

Ellsley Sobol Law Firm

Category: Nursing Home Abuse
Nursing home fined $36,000 for failing to report alleged sexual assault
A nursing home in Ormond Beach, Florida, has been fined $36,000 by the state. The fine is in response to allegations that the nursing home failed to report a possible sexual assault.
The sexual assault allegedly occurred in January 2012, according to state records. A woman who was a resident the Avante nursing home told her husband that she witnessed an employee climb into bed with her roommate. The director of nursing at Avante did not hear of the possible assault until the woman's husband had packed up his wife's belongings and wheeled her out of the nursing home. He said he was able to provide better care for her at their home. The staff at Avante tried to investigate the allegation; however, that is in direct violation to the mandatory abuse reporting law in Florida. (more)

Ellsley Sobol Law Firm

Category: Boating Accidents and Cruise Ship Injury
Man charged in serious 2011 Jupiter, Florida, boating accident
A 23-year-old man has been arrested on multiple charges in connection with a May 21, 2011, boating accident. That accident left a 28-year-old man with a fractured skull and police said he spent 48 days in West Palm Beach's St. Mary's Medical Center.
According to police, the defendant has been charged with four counts of violating inland navigation rules and leaving the scene of a boating accident. He was taken to the Palm Beach County Jail where he was held without bond.
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission said the defendant was allegedly drinking at the Tiki 52 bar with some friends after they picked him up in the boat earlier in the evening. After they left that bar, the group headed to the Rum Bar via the Intracoastal Waterway. Investigators said the defendant had three to six beers before the accident, which occurred in the Intracoastal Waterway near Marcinski Road in Jupiter.

Ellsley Sobol Law Firm

Category: Wrongful Death/Auto Accident
Two South Florida boys hit by vehicles while skateboarding, one dies from injuries.
A nine-year-year old boy was seriously injured when he was struck by a van while skateboarding near the intersection of Seventh Street and Northwest Twelfth Avenue in Fort Lauderdale. The accident occurred only a block or so from the child's home and the driver of the van allegedly stopped to apologize to the injured boy before driving away from the accident scene.
The boy's father, who was outside of his home with some friends when the accident happened, found his son gasping for breath, covered in blood, and moaning. He said it was one of the most horrific experiences of his life. The boy suffered a fractured jaw along with multiple scrapes and bruises. He spent three days in the hospital, before being released to recover at home. (more)

Ellsley Sobol Law Firm

Category:Dog Bites
Florida woman protects daughter, but is mauled by pack of pit bulls.
A 27-year-old woman from Daytona Beach, Florida, was severely injured on May 7, 2013, when she was attacked by a pack of five pit bulls. The woman was walking with her 6-year-old daughter close to their home on Holly Lane when the dogs attacked. According to reports, there was no provocation for and no warning of the attack. The woman hid her young daughter behind her and told her to run for the house.
The woman's actions to protect her daughter worked: her daughter did not suffer any injuries. The woman was not as fortunate. According to deputies from the Flagler County Sheriff's Office, she suffered multiple puncture wounds and lacerations. She was taken to Flagler County Airport by ambulance, where she was airlifted to Halifax Hospital in a helicopter belonging to the Volusia County Sheriff's Office. She received multiple sutures for her injuries, but her injuries were not believed to be life-threatening. (more)

Ellsley Sobol Law Firm

Category: Slip and Fall
Man wins more than $1 million in suit against Wal-Mart for slip and fall on Gatorade sign.
A jury has awarded a man from Port St. Lucie, Florida almost $1.3 million in his lawsuit against Wal-Mart for a 2011 slip and fall. The jurors were quite sympathetic to the injured man as they awarded twice what was requested in the suit.
The 41-year-old man was shopping at the Wal-Mart on S.W. Gatlin in Port St. Lucie in May 2011 when he slipped on a sign that had fallen off of a Gatorade display. He suffered a horrifying injury to his right bicep tendon, commonly referred to as “Popeye deformity.� This injury causes the tendon in his bicep to bulge. The man has endured three surgeries in two years, one of which placed an Achilles tendon from a cadaver into his arm to help restore some of his strength. His medical bills passed the $200,000 mark, and he has been unable to return to work as a beverage distribution manager.(more)

Ellsley Sobol Law Firm

Woman dies after cosmetic surgery in Boca Raton, Florida
A Boca Raton, Florida, cosmetic surgery center could be named as a defendant in a wrongful death lawsuit, according to the attorney for the family of a 39-year-old Brazilian woman. The womanreportedly had a tummy tuck, neck liposuction, and a breast augmentation and lift performed at the Boca Raton Surgery Center. The woman lived in New York, was the mother of two children and worked as an Alzheimer's patient's caregiver.
According to the woman's attorney, there were signs that something was not right after the surgery. The doctors allowed the woman to leave, despite the symptoms of the impending problems. There reportedly were several post-procedure phone calls made to the surgical center, during which time the family explained the problems the woman was having. The family contends they were told nothing was really wrong.(more)

Ellsley Sobol Law Firm

Category:Plane Crashes
3 Die in Fiery Plane Crash at Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport
A Piper Navajo crashed near the Fort Lauderdale Executive Airport on March 15 about 4:30 p.m. The small twin-engine turboprop plane had just taken off from the airport when it started to have engine problems. The pilot attempted to turn the aircraft around to make an emergency landing, but was unable to return to the airport. The plane clipped a fence and tree before crashing into a repossessed auto lot located near the airport.
The smoke was so intense that firefighters responding to the scene had difficulty locating the wreckage. The pilot and two passengers on the plane were killed. No one on the ground was injured but several cars were burned. (more)

Ellsley Sobol Law Firm

Category:Wrongful Death/Auto Accident
Five dead, including three teenagers, in horrific Palm Beach County crash
Five people were killed in a horrific car accident in Palm Beach County, Florida in the early morning hours of Saturday, April 13, 2013. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the accident occurred on Blue Heron Boulevard near I-95 in Rivera Beach.
The crash occurred about 12:30 a.m. and all five victims were in a 1994 Lexus that was traveling east on Blue Heron Boulevard. Law enforcement said a 2008 Mercedes CLK 350 was coming off I-95 and did not stop for the traffic light at the intersection. The Mercedes, traveling at a high rate of speed according to investigators, hit the right side of the Lexus. (more)

Independent Contractor - Is He or She Legally "Independent"...or even a "Contractor"?

A large and powerful corporation makes a financial decision to use a third party to provide services that it owes your client pursuant to a contract. Using a third party, non-employee is a widespread practice of most corporations and this one is no different. Your client has no idea that the services it will receive are not from an actual employee of the corporation but from a guy that the corporation paid money to in order to provide the promised services to your client. The third party is negligent and that negligence results in your client suffering a traumatic brain injury. Pretty scary, huh? It gets worse.(more)

Evidence is a Vital Component to Your Florida Personal Injury Claim

When it comes to legal proceedings it often seems like both parties’ accounts are presented as being accurate, yet they usually conflict. The only way to properly evaluate a Florida personal injury claim is based on the evidence provided. Therefore, it is extremely important that you carefully gather and organize the evidence pertaining to your Ft. Lauderdale car accident in order to preserve your injury claim. (more)

Mistakes to Avoid After a Car Accident in South Florida

If you were involved in a car accident in South Florida there are precautions you should take and things you should not say following the accident that can help protect your future personal injury claim. (more)

Motorcycle Accident Causes and Personal Injuries

There are a number of benefits that come with riding a motorcycle, but motorcyclists also face many potential risks on the open road. (more)

At the Scene of a Florida Motorcycle Accident

After you've been injured in a Florida motorcycle accident, your actions at the scene of the accident may impact your Florida personal injury claim. (more)

Common Causes of Slip and Fall Accidents in Florida

A slip and fall accident is perhaps the most common type of premises liability claim. A slip and fall accident is exactly as it sounds; a victim slips or trips on a hazard and falls, suffering injury in the process. Typically, a Florida slip and fall accident will occur when there are hazardous conditions on a property and the property owner/supervisor fails to notice the problem and fix it. (more)

Determining Liability in Florida Slip and Fall Accidents

When you are involved in a Florida slip and fall accident, you are likely to have questions about liability, particularly if the accident occurred on a commercial property where you do not know the owner. In a slip and fall case, the liable party is typically: (more)

Evidence is the Cornerstone of Your Florida Personal Injury Claim

A legal claim involves hours of filing paperwork and lengthy negotiations, but what a Florida personal injury claim will often boil down to is the strength of the evidence presented. While your Miami accident attorney can tell you exactly what types of evidence they need in order to build your case, it is helpful to have already assembled at least some of the evidence your Miami accident attorney may require. (more)

Importance of Taking Action Immediately After a South Florida Accident

A serious auto accident can instantly thrust you into a world of uncertainty. Coping with the pain of your accident injuries, issues of property damage, and insurance adjusters is enough to lead most anyone into a state of confusion. (more)

Gathering Evidence to Prove Negligence in a Florida Personal Injury Case

In a Florida personal injury claim, clear and convincing evidence plays a crucial part throughout the various stages of the legal proceedings. Therefore, it is your duty to begin preserving the necessary evidence immediately after a serious accident takes place. Your Ft. Lauderdale personal injury attorney can review your personal injury case and use solid evidence to build a compelling case. (more)

Florida Personal Injury Lawsuits: What to Expect

A Florida personal injury lawsuit may take months or even years before it is finally resolved. The process itself can be quite complicated for someone who is unfamiliar with the laws relating to Florida personal injury claims, not to mention someone who is inexperienced at dealing with insurance companies. (more)

The Florida Personal Injury Settlement Process

The amount of money you are awarded through a Florida personal injury lawsuit is called a settlement. Through filing a Florida personal injury lawsuit, your South Florida personal injury lawyer will submit a compelling demand letter to the insurance company requesting compensation for the immediate and latent damages you incurred and will incur as a result of the accident. (more)

Elements of a Florida Personal Injury Claim

Filing a Florida personal injury claim is an effective legal option in trying to pursue compensation for your accident injuries. However, it involves complex stages that may result in days or even months of negotiating with the insurance company and possibly court proceedings if a fair settlement cannot be reached. (more)

Proximate Cause in Your Florida Personal Injury Claim

When filing a Florida personal injury claim, you’ll need to establish the 5 elements of negligence required to recover compensation for your accident injuries. One of these requirements is proximate cause, which means proving that the defendant’s actions directly caused your injuries, but only those direct and foreseeable injuries. (more)

Establishing Negligence in Florida: Cause in Fact

In order to successfully recover compensation for your accident injuries through a Florida personal injury claim, you’ll need to establish the negligence of the party from which you are claiming damages. Part of establishing negligence is proving “cause in fact”, which is a legal term that means your injuries would never have occurred “but for” the actions or inactions of the defendant. (more)

Safety Measures at Florida Construction Sites

Florida construction sites can be one of the most dangerous places to work on a daily basis. Serious injury and even death can occur as a result of a construction accident in Florida. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the most frequent types of workplace fatalities in Florida in 2008 were attributed to construction accidents which include: (more)

Third Party Liability in a Florida Construction Accident

It makes sense to think that prime contractors and general contractors should be held responsible for a construction accident in Florida. After all, they’re the ones coordinating construction site operations on a daily basis. In some cases, general contractors may be even considered legal possessors of the property for the duration of the project. (more)

Importance of Establishing Percentages of Fault in a Florida Injury Claim

While Florida’s comparative negligence law allows accident victims who partially contributed to their injuries the opportunity to recover compensation, you need to understand how percentages of fault will affect your final award in a Florida personal injury claim. (more)

Spinal Cord Injury Statistics in the United States

Spinal cord injuries occur when trauma occurs to the vertebrae and bundle of nerves in the back. If the injury is complete, the injured party has no feeling or movement below the trauma site; however, in the case of an incomplete injury, a person may still have feeling and movement below the injury. (more)

Coping With a Spinal Cord Injury After a Serious Florida Accident

Sustaining a spinal cord injury after a serious Florida accident can be devastating. With the loss of movement or sensation, it can be common for people to feel grief after the injury. Combined with this sense of sadness, some people also experience long-term health problems and must relearn how to perform daily activities. (more)

How You Can Select A Best Personal Injury Attorney

Choose a Personal Injury Attorney can be incredibly difficult when you or one of your loved ones is hurt. The role of this kind of lawyer can’t be exaggerated because they are rescuer in time of need even while some people can see them as ambulance chasers. If you require personal injury attorney, now are some advice that will be useful to you.(more)

Personal Injury Attorney Fort Lauderdale - Ellsley Sobol

Unfortunately many accidents arise due to the irresponsible actions of someone also and there no cause why you should pay for the fiscal expenses of an accident you reason. The wisest obsession you can do is claim reward for all the compensation and since claim compensation is a difficult task you might want to judge hiring a specialized Personal Injury Attorney Fort Lauderdale who is common with all the legal paperwork that must be done under such conditions.(more)

Are You Find Expert Lawyer In Fort Lauderdale - Ellsley Sobol

Last 16 Years to Got Injured give expert services in Fort Lauderdale, plantation, Sunrise. Injured in a Car Accident or a slip and fall are very demanding, and may effect in large medicinal bills even for an apparently minor occasion.(more)

Fort Lauderdale Personal Injury Lawyer & Accident Attorney

Ellsley Sobol has been serving the city of Fort Lauderdale, Plantation and South Florida, with over 20 years of combined experience litigating and trying personal injury, auto accident and wrongful death matters. Our Fort Lauderdale attorneys work tirelessly on behalf of individuals whose lives have changed unexpectedly and dramatically. (more)

Woman faces DUI manslaughter charges for 2 pedestrian deaths

22-year-old woman who killed two pedestrians in a Car Accident last month has been charged with two counts of DUI manslaughter, as well as four other charges. She surrendered to police on July 3 after a warrant was issued for her arrest when the results of a toxicology report showed her blood alcohol level was more than two times the legal limit. (more)

Parasailing accident critically injures 2 Indiana teens

Another incident involving a parasailing excursion has occurred, this time off Panama City Beach, Florida, critically injured two teenage girls from Indiana. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission said the parasail line that was attached to the boat snapped, leaving the two teens at the mercy of the wind. Both the Coast Guard and the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission are investigating the July 2 incident. (more)

Father sues city for autistic sons drowning

A 15-year-old boy was at the bottom of the Temple Terrace Family Recreation Center Pool for five minutes before another child saw him. By then, it was too late. Four days later, he was taken off life support and died.(more)

Woman killed on Federal Highway by Broward County Sheriffs car

A Broward County sheriff’s corporal struck and killed a 46-year-old woman walking across North Federal Highway in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, on June 26 just after 3 a.m. Her boyfriend was walking in front of her as they were crossing the highway where there was no crosswalk.(more)

Experienced Auto Accident Attorney In Fort Lauderdale

Personal injury law is particularly prepared to help a person who gets injure by some careless actions or slackness of others. It may consist of different types of injuries like the mental injury, physical injury and emotional injury. Personal injury law has become a common fact, and people are quite aware of this item. (more)

Prefer Best Wrongful Death Lawyer In Plantation

To make sure that you and your relations are right compensated in the occasion that a appreciated one or family part is kill in an accident that was obviously someone else's error or the error of a business, then you require to hire the best likely lawyer in your district; in order to build sure that the lawyer is the best one about, then you need to be capable of with right and careful information so that you know how to select the correct type of lawyer.(more)

3 pit bulls viciously attack Palm Bay woman

A 53-year-old Palm Bay, Florida, woman was attacked by three pit bulls as she walked back to her house from her mailbox on Tuesday, July 30. It happened about 5:30 p.m., and the woman told the news media the dogs "were beelining" for her and "just seemed to be in the mood" to attack after getting out of her neighbor's yard(more)

Driver arrested nearly 2 months after fatal 5-car accident

It's been nearly two months since a five-car accident took the life of a 71-year-old man in Miami, Florida; however, for his family, this doesn't make the tragedy any easier to bear. According to police reports, thecar accident was caused by a 36-year-old woman who was driving under the influence of alcohol. She is now facing several serious charges, including DUI manslaughter(more)

Some Important Of Auto Accident Lawyers In Plantation

Plantation is a big urban city with thousands of vehicles on the highway at several times. It is expected that accident will take place. In fact, each day there is forever a travel incident organism report in the city.(more)

$1.2 billion awarded in nursing home death lawsuit

A jury in Polk County, Florida, has awarded the son of a woman who died at the Auburndale Oaks nursing home a total of $1.2 billion. The plaintiff was awarded $1 billion in punitive damages and $110 million in compensatory damages. This is the fourth multi-million verdict against the defendant in this case, Trans Health Care, Inc (more)

Sheriff's office sued in shooting death of autistic teen

The parents of an 18-year-old autistic boy who was shot and killed by a deputy have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the West Palm Beach Sheriff's office. The parents say the deputy did not try to calm their son down and did not wait for backup to arrive, but instead fired 11 shots, fatally striking the teen in his chest(more)
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